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The Caisis Configuration Utility is a desktop utility used to test various settings in your application. This includes managing database connection settings as well as email settings and error logging. These settings map directly to the web config file in Caisis. When the utility is launched, it will load your default web config file. You will then be able to manage the settings in your Caisis application. Please note, when values are updated in the web config, the web application may restart itself to read the new settings.

NOTE: As the Caisis Configuration writes to the web.config file, the Utility may be prompted for elevated privileges on Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows Server 2007 based systems, or be run as an Administrator on Windows XP based systems.


SQL Server Configuration

This section allows you to set the Server and Database used by the application. You will also be able to test the connection to the server, and help diagnose possible connection settings. utility_1.jpg

Email Settings

In this section, you will be able to configure various email settings such as setting the Mail Server used for sending emails in the application. You can configure SMTP security for the mail server. You will also be able to configure administrative and error handling email addresses. utility_2.jpg

Institution Settings

You can set the name of your Institution here, which will be used to set the title in the Paper Forms section. utility_3.jpg

Error Logging

You can choose it to log errors to the System Event Log and/or the database. These errors can later be examined in the Administrative Reposts section of the Caisis Admin. utility_4.jpg

Plugins Settings

This section allows you to set the values for plugins in the system. utility_5.jpg

Security Settings

This section allows you to configure various security configurations, such as LDAP authentication, password strength, length and expiration. utility_6.jpg

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