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Crystal-transport system in the world of the most important thing is water transport, as crystal-world energy from the Spar, Spar energy to power the ship is not only relatively high-cost, and fast, relatively, on land crystal - Application of the technology was not the driving force, not the same as with water buoyancy to overcome gravity, on land transport is still the main carriage, but rather than water transport, the speed and volume are a lot worse. So this world are often commercial city along the sea or rivers, the construction of the canal has become the composition of the national strategy.

God the British Empire is the west coast of the Mediterranean coastal countries, long coastline, many port. The most important is known as the Port Royal Park outside the harbour Dongyang, Dongyang at the West's largest river, one of the gods of the mouth of the river, and God-in-capital of the middle reaches of the river, Dongyang and the harbour-all river ports of God through this link directly connected to the river Up, Dongyang Harbour will bear the capital's harbour, the heavy responsibility, and from the sea of goods which enter the smooth-all. God River upper reaches of the river port is also a Hong Kong Chen Qing, Chen Qing Hong Kong from Lianyun close to the corridor, from the West of goods through the Qing Chen also continue to re-shipped to Hong Kong on board-all.

Road West for spreading more now on this city from the south gate is near, here to watch the water Maru Long prosperity, for road hearts sigh Road West, is indeed Royal Park, ah, just this one person I am afraid Street Than a home town of more people. After a sigh, for up to the West Road School should be the first force in the capital of the west, then along the broad road of going westward direction certainly can not be wrong, he intends to first take a look at scenery, then go ask for some Road.

"Young people, ah, your life from where the road is where the future» "

Tourism is the way forRunescape power leveling Runescape Gold Runescape Gd Runescape power leveling Runescape Gold the West Lengbu Fang was such a question, to see a rise looks very wise, in his hands intercalation Paoxiu, the old man. When he heard in his hometown of Beijing, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the GAO Ren countless different disabilities. "Is it so that I get a« "Watching old man faces charges that a lot of heart Digu the West Road," this sentence seems to have somebody be deep. "

No answer, and other charges Road West, the old man immediately and then said: "The future of the guide, the light path, Kim map, the brand that a one Tongyuan." Shuiba reach out and take a few stacker, Xiao Mimi Seeing the way for the West.

"……" Fee Road West speechless.

The evening, under the guidance of Kim map, the West found a way for the first-Imperial College, for life and not for the hot Road West, a map is really useful. It just reminds me again to deceive their own hateful feelings of the old man, for the West Road have started a bit of goodwill.

A gate across the road in the West for more than 10 meters in front, hung on the former emperor personally write the "first-College." Shen Xi Road West for a breath, mind, this is known as the Wu Tianxiadiyi College, but also the door…… listeriosis ugly something. To 10 meters high will only, and also how high is longer than the width of more than double, with Pazhao like a turtle, is also not Gaoshanyangzhi the momentum. Know that this is where he was a construction Shuai Ouxinlixue of the masterpiece, stretching on both sides of the wings on behalf of Condor, Condor is also a symbol of empire, so the door on behalf of the Empire Miles Jiangshan miles upon miles of significance. West charges in such a way the eyes, and this is an open several Kou Zi wall (a main entrance door and two ears).

It is a pity that this fee Road West to the late, and today's application and has been a testing time, he can only come back for the future. Tan Kouqi of helplessness, for purposes Road West random walk along the street, the inn would not find a hotel to sleep a night. Linked to several appear to have relatively ordinary, not so extravagant, the price should be fair to the hotel, into one asked price, the lowest - home prices have exceeded the costs of the West Road psychological endurance capacity.

"All the way from the shops there to live here Zhe Megui the, ah," for Road West Digu: "Sure enough high prices in the capital." Of course, this one also catch up with the first-season college students, after all, is in the first A hotel near the College of arms.

Road West for now haveRunescape Gold Runescape money rs power leveling Runescape powerleveling Runescape powerleveling no income, in Zuochishankong the situation, he himself more reluctant to spend money. Dark, and back to the first-College near the door, he suddenly found here is fragmented, scattered in a number of people seems to be ready in Qianggen, spent the night under the eaves. See, are the poor people of the disciples, the first - Wu College is probably to a head, the good life. Oh, great, I can have this night, a person would like to. The evening, fees Road West do not know when Kao Zhaoqiang root fell asleep, after all, just a Shiliu Qi-year-old young person, Aoye ability is not very good.

Mengmenglonglong, it seems some people in the ears shouted, Shuiyi Road West for the full opening of the eyes confused glance around. Ruyan's first appearance was a clerk in the middle-aged woman, is next to a 20-year-old young men, both in order to allow for a very strange way the West's attention focused on him.

"How the ah?……" For the Road West subconsciously said.

"The brothers, do you account for our position, here is the admission application, please allow a let."

"Oh» "fee Road West stood up in excitement, said:" Well, I is today the first Romanian »" do not have to platoon leader of the team, very good, his eyes Yuguang intend to see that a lot of other people queuing up for the He minds think Henshuang.

"This…… Well, you are first. Rely on you after the first station, let us Baihao table."

In this way, the way the West for a lucky day for the people first.

"Name» "

"Spreading more charges Road West."

"Origin» "

"National Senhai Province Uehara District Town sword."

"Tongyuan 100 registration fee."

After a series of questions and answers, the path for the West do get a registration card, can go to school to participate in the test. Wu skills, magic, Binglue tests were held in different places. Through the door which can be majoring in this big of a certain type of system, can also be another minor one of the major types of courses. (VO: of course it has not adopted a no entry qualifications, what »you ask application fee» of course, not to school this is a major source of income generation. As the reputation of the school, to participate in the annual testing of a lot, but through the Ratio is very low, did not pass the test of the application fee to be the first white-College.)

Road West for the consideration of the decision to accept the technology-testing, after all, this is the full grasp.

the direction of the arrow, West Road for a training into the Hall. Training Station Lane have a Zhuanghan plight of the teachers, he saw for Road West in, waving strokes, the Buzhisihuo said: "to come, not what you use weapons, even though I am in a good attack. To do their utmost to No reservations. "
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